Subscriptions are handled directly by our  publishing house J. VRIN

Rates for 2011 (taxes incl.) : 85 € for France ; 105 € for all other countries.

Price of a single issue (still in print) :  28 € (tax. incl./ postage extra).

Older issues are sold at the price of the current year in print.

Payment through C.C.P. Paris

IBAN FR 28 2004 1000 0100 1963 0T02 028 BIC PSSTFRPPPAR

or through BNP PARIBAS, Agence Sorbonne,

IBAN FR 76 3000 4007 4100 0270 2160328 BNPAFRPPPRG

The subscription is yearly and begins in january.


Une réponse à “Subscriptions

  1. I am writing to you from WT Cox Subscriptions, a subscription agency with a client base of libraries, schools and government agencies. We are updating our subscription information for the above named title. Please answer the following questions at your earliest convenience.

    1. What are the 2012 subscription prices to the United States for libraries and institutions (in US dollars if available)?
    Print only Print + Online Online only
    1 Year
    2 Year
    3 Year
    per issue
    2. Is there any additional postage?
    3. Do you accept subscriptions for less than one year?
    4. What is our agency discount?
    5. Is the title available as an online or electronic subscription?
    6. Do you accept cancellations and are refunds offered?
    7. Where do we send claims and what is the time limit for claims?
    8. Will you backstart a subscription?
    9. What is your publishing schedule and how many issues are published per year?
    10. What is the ISSN number?
    11. Is this title available in multiple languages?
    12. Do you accept checks in US Dollars?
    13. If so, who do we make our checks payable to and what is the correct address for orders and payments?
    14. If not, do you accept payments by Visa or American Express or by Wire Transfer?
    15. If credit card payments are accepted, how should we submit our order & payment: online, by email, by phone, or by postal mail?
    16. If Wire Transfer Payments are accepted, please provide:

    Bank name
    Complete bank address (including country)
    Name on account (payable to)
    Sort Code (if applicable)

    17. Is there an agency contact?

    Thank you for your prompt response. If you have a 2012 agency price list available please email or fax one to my attention.

    Karen Thatcher | Title Information Department
    WT Cox Subscriptions
    201 Village Road
    Shallotte, NC 28470

    phone: 800-571-9554 ext. 235
    fax: 877-755-6274
    email: |

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